Meridian Kickstart 90


Are you ready to make 2021 the most amazing year of your life?

Meridian Success Group™ is proud to offer this Kickstarter program, an intensive 90-day program to help you set and achieve some of the biggest goals of your life.


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90-Day Goal Achievement Kickstarter Program



· 90-day Goals are achievable and immediately relevant. They aren’t so long that you lose interest in them, and not so short that you get lost “in the weeds” and become overwhelmed.

· After 90 days, it’s easy to evaluate, celebrate and reset.

· Written goals, action commitment and accountability increases the likelihood of achieving your goals from 43%-76%, and that’s with no professional coach involved.


· Goals will be established to enhance the “whole person” (e.g. financial, professional, personal, health, fun, aspirational, etc.)

· Program begins with a 1-hour individual coaching/strategy session to help you begin clarifying the goals you would like to accomplish

· During the 90 days, you will have twelve, 1-hour group coaching sessions

· You will have an accountability buddy to check in with weekly for support and motivation


· Program Launch: (TBD); Note: these will be virtual meetings (using Zoom) and will typically be held on Monday early evening (ET).


This program takes a proven approach to goal achievement that is enhanced with an opportunity for you eliminate self-defeating beliefs. It is aimed at discovering and leveraging your gifts, so that you flourish in all areas of life (personal and professional). It is designed to raise awareness of your “why” and to increase your fan base in the workplace.

Each of us has unique and special experiences that have brought us to where we are today. Meridian Success Group takes an inside-out approach to our coaching, so the individual coaching is designed to target specific challenges and meet you where you are to help you achieve your goals. We provide a nurturing environment where you will feel safe to share your opportunities and challenges honestly and transparently, and to identify solutions so that you can take your life to the next level!


Only $1,499 to begin transforming your life. What are you waiting for? Sign Up above or call 303-335-5800 to get one of the limited slots.


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